Wheelchair Trailer

scootatrailer wheelchair trailer hitchHave a power chair, manual chair, or scooter you want to transport but your car is too small for a lift? Or, are you not able to give up any of the seats in your vehicle to accommodate a lift? The ScootaTrailer will solve your problems!

The ScootaTrailer™ is designed to carry virtually all mobility equipment. Best of all, it fits on nearly every vehicle imaginable. ScootaTrailers attach to the hitch, not to the car, so if a hitch is made for your car, the ScootaTrailer will work for you. These trailers are easy to use–so easy, in fact, that only one person is required to move it.

ScootaTrailers are durable and visually appealing. The aluminum top protects your mobility equipment from the environment, and the spare tire that comes with the trailer ensures you won’t get stuck on the side of the road. Best of all, when you don’t need to take it with you, simply unlatch the ScootaTrailer and set it aside until next time.

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