level entry shower zero entry Many of our customers have extensive needs in their bathrooms. We’ve researched and found top-of-the-line products so you can bathe safely. One of these products is the Level Entry Shower System. Forget having to step over a tub wall or shower threshold; level-entry showers are installed so there are no barriers to entering the shower. What sets the Level Entry Shower System apart from similar products? It does not violate building codes, whereas others do.

We also provide the best available walk-in and slide-in tubs. These products are equipped with watertight doors for easy access into and out of the bathtub. This allows you to have the bath that you want, without the safety hazard of stepping over the wall of a traditional tub. Or, if you simply need an upgraded traditional shower, we can also provide premium shower/tub combinations.

While the bathroom is a major point of emphasis, Carolina Access Specialists, Inc. can modify any area of the home. With our skilled and experienced staff, we can work to overcome barriers in your kitchen, bedroom, living area, and anywhere else you can think of. Call today and talk to us about your home renovation needs. You will be on your way to a safer, more accessible home.

Carolina Access Specialists, Inc. is especially well-suited to meet your home renovation needs. We are a North Carolina licensed building contractor with decades of combined building and construction experience. Call today, and find out how a home modification can leader to greater independence in your own home.


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